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New additions to our family

Taylor and Tinker (8 weeks)  watching the hens

Taylor and Tinker (8 weeks) watching the hens

We have 2 kittens – a brother and sister, 8 weeks old. Taylor is a male grey tabby and Tinker is female with tortoiseshell markings, and both have white feet.

They are learning their way around, racing up the pear tree and onto the shed roof, where they play hide and seek among the branches resting on the roof, chasing each round and round. They are getting used to the hens and the dogs, stalking and spitting in turn, and wondering why these strange creatures are treating our back garden like home !!


Stratford Upon Avon – Free – Outside – Dell Theatre, Avonbank Gardens

The Royal Shakespeare Company presents various professional and amateur theatre companies, and other groups giving free performances outside at The Dell Theatre, Avonbank Gardens near Holy Trinity Church through June, July and August.
They are mostly Shakespeare’s plays, on Saturdays and Sundays with different starting times after 12 noon.
The performances are listed on the RSC website and will be on our Events list in due course – I have just typed them all up and then lost the lot !!!
In the interim,
Sat 12 July 12 noon – The Comedy of Error – 1 hour;
also 3 pm – Old Wives’ Tale – 1 hour;
Sun 13 July 12 noon – Old Wives’ Tale – 1 hour;
also 3 pm – The Comedy of Errors – 1 hour.

Marmalade for breakfast

Have just finished 3 batches of marmalade – ordinary, Thick Dark and Daphne’s Special, all ready for breakfast. Our guests have been enjoying the last lot so much we had nearly run out.

Next preserve will be Ginger Jelly as I promised to have it ready for some very nice guests.